Daniel Roehr

Professor BA (Hons) Landscape Arch., HND, BCSLA, CSLA, AKB, UBC


Professor Daniel Roehr teaches Landscape Architecture at SALA and is a licensed landscape architect in BC and Berlin. Using innovative teaching and research methods, he is engaging students and communities locally and globally. Over the past several years he has experimented with using a digital tablet to draw and animate his lectures, present research, and communicate new ideas using rapid single-line hand drawings, a skill acquired over more than three decades of international landscape architectural practice, research and education. Through his teaching and OFF Screen Studio blog, Professor Roehr encourages students to experience and record the world multi-sensorially and locally, not just with sight, but with smell, touch, taste, and sound.

Over the past 15 years, via his research group greenskinslab, Professor Roehr has guided research on low-impact design, specifically the integration of living roofs as part of holistic systems for storm water management in urban areas. In 2018, he advised a graduate student lead SEED Report, “Living Roof and Low Impact Design UBC,” which investigates the reuse of decommissioned structures such as parkades to manage stormwater and create usable green space.