Fuchsia Howard

PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UBC


Dr. Howard’s program of research examines the health service needs of vulnerable, high-risk survivors of acute life-threatening illness, specifically, cancer survivors and survivors of critical illnesses. She conducts qualitative and mixed-methods research to understand patient-perspectives of the essential components of quality care. Using an integrated knowledge translation approach that involves partnering with health care professionals, health care decision-makers and patients, she contributes to patient-centered health care solutions that are responsive to the long-term burden of illness. Her ultimate aim is to enhance the accessibility and quality of health services and improve patient and family outcomes.  Her research interests also include hereditary cancer prevention and risk management and psychosocial and ethnocultural factors that shape health and illness experiences.

Current Projects

Connect 4 Health: Needs and Requirements for a Peer Navigation Digital App for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer [PI: Jackie Bender], [Co-I: N. D’Agostino, A. Gupta, L. Mitchell, A.F. Howard, S. Garland, A. Tsimicalis, E. Drake, K. Chalifour, A. Marrato, N.L., McKean, A. Lombardo] – Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control Seed Grant

Sexual pain in endometriosis: Role of somatic mutations and local neurogenesis [PI: P. Yong, M.S. Anglesio, C.B. Gilks, A.F. Howard, A.B. Mohamed], [Co-I: A. Albert, D.G. Huntsman, A. Lee, S. Lisonkova] – CIHR Project Grant

Healthcare expectation and sources of distress of the chronically critically ill in residential care [PI: A.F. Howard, S. Crowe, G. Haljan], [Co-I: R. Parmar, M. Cloutier, L. Choroszewski, K. Hille, D. Jawanda] – MSFHR BC Nursing Research Initiative  – Practice-Based Nursing Research

Health solutions to improve post-intensive care outcomes: A realist synthesis [Co-PI: A. Fuchsia Howard, Gregory Haljan] [Co-I: Vicky Bungay, Leanne Currie, Robert McDermid, Andrea Ryce, Sarah Crowe] – CIHR Project Grant

Adult childhood cancer survivor responses following recall to a survivorship clinic: An interpretive description pilot study [PI: A. Fuchsia Howard] [Co-I: Karen Goddard]  – UBC School of Nursing Lyle Creelmen Endowment Fund